LED water thermometer

LED  water thermometer
LED  water thermometer
LED  water thermometer
LED  water thermometer
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Product Description

No battery required - equipment collects energy from the water stream
Quick and easy installation without any tools - for handheld nozzles
Approved materials for drinking water

The latest innovations, upgrades and updated bathroom modernization;
Self-powered, batteryless thermometer monitors your shower temperature.

Essential as a family needs - service and surprise your husband, wife or child.
(especially for families with young children or babies)

High precision temperature sensor
360° rotatable waterproof led screen for better viewing.

Elegant and stylish design - Superior quality is even suitable for all five-star hotels.

(LED digital shower thermometer is an encouraging and surprising technology,
Allows people to monitor the shower temperature in real time. It is self-powered,

It mainly includes hydroelectric generators, thermal sensors and digital LED displays.
With this device, you can easily monitor real-time water temperatures and enjoy a more enjoyable shower :)
Material: ABS, PC
Size: Connect a standard 1/2 inch hose or shower head;
Temperate range: 32-212 degrees Fahrenheit
Weight: 80 grams
Type: NPT


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